Lake Park Synagogue

3207 N. Hackett Avenue * Milwaukee, WI 53211 * 414-962-5508

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About Lake Park Synagogue

Lake Park Synagogue is a Modern Orthodox synagogue on the east side of Milwaukee, near the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus. Welcoming people from all backgrounds, LPS provides religious, educational, and social programs and strives to integrate Halachic Judaism with everyday life.

If you are a student coming to an LPS service for course credit, or are unfamiliar with an orthodox Jewish service, we hope this Visitors Guide will answer all your questions. (If not, feel free to call and ask!)

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Join us for textual learning opportunities at LPS:

  • Sunday evening: Sefer Chafetz Chaim (the laws of gossip and slander)

  • Monday Evenings: Shaarei Teshuva (a medieval ethics text)

  • Tuesday Evenings: classes - see the Ruach for current topic.

    • New series of classes between Pesach and Shavuot​: Hassidic Spirituality through Stories, a study through Mishna (פרקי אבות.)​

  • Wednesday Evenings: Nefesh HaChaim (a classical work on the theosophic implications of the Kabbalah)
Tuesday evening classes meet at 7:00.
Other study session times vary, so please call ahead.

Thank you for helping make the 1st LPS Community Electronic Waste Recycling Day a huge success!

LPS photo

The donation of nearly 200 cubic feet of old and unused electronic items helps keep toxic chemicals out of our landfills. All items were processed in the U.S. in compliance with environmental/occupational health standards.